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By Sadie

west midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone tell me the name of a plant that looks like London Pride but has red flowers please?



Hi Sadie. A photo would be useful if possible.

29 Jun, 2016


I'm sure you mean Heuchera sanguinam 'Firefly', which used to be called Heuchera 'Coral Bells'. When I was growing up in London, everyone called this plant London Pride, but of course its not, officially, if any common name can be described as 'official'. Link below has pic for you to confirm

29 Jun, 2016


It was the only Heuchera I had ever seen until comparatively recently...they have been developed amazingly in the past few years. ("recently" and "few" are relative...)

29 Jun, 2016


Oh, Stera, I really relate to your caveat!

29 Jun, 2016


I so agree Steragram on every front.

I have one of these from 1935 and its name was Briget's Bloom, a slightly softer reddy/pink than Firefly.

30 Jun, 2016


No idea what mine is - rescued from a rubbish dump way back in the late 50's... Not much to get excited about, just kept for sentimental reasons.

30 Jun, 2016

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