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I have a twisted willow tree it is young and still in a pot . It was absolutely ravaged by very tiny green caterpillars in June and I moved it away to another part of the garden . dowsed it with soap soltion water and picked off ever caterpillar I could find . It has since regrown leaves and is thriving but they are back the little b******* s and I have had to spray and strip manually again. does anyone know what caterpillar is devouring my willow . They are very very small but very very hungry and arrive in the tens/hundreds! I live in N Wales



I always find tiny catapillars on my willow and also on some of my roses. All I do is flick them off and hope the black birds get them.

5 Aug, 2010


keep on defending the poor thing till its big enough to cope. mine are big now and dont suffer much from them.

5 Aug, 2010


mine is the same sandra . i tend to get plants that arnt to effected bye garden beasts (touch wood) lol . i got loads of snails , slugs and beasties and i have know hostas lol .

6 Aug, 2010


doesnt hurt to physicly help if its easy though like blasting aphids of plants while your watering the garden .

6 Aug, 2010

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