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ID please...friend or foe? It's approx 3/4 ft tall,straggly,with a small flower bud at the top of each of the three stems...could be white or yellow when they open? No 2 photo of the foliage..Can't say I'm enthralled by the look of it so far !

Img_0005 Img_0015



Thalictrum, Meadow-Rue possibly. I like it!

1 Jul, 2016


Thank you Landgirl..I seem to recall my
Goy friend ,Amy,giving me a little plant,but she wasn't sure if it had the right label....I had totally forgotten till you kindly named it for me..the original label didn't make it :o) I shall take a look at the care and habit of it..

1 Jul, 2016


Thalictrum flavum is a pale yellow flowered form and mine are at this stage. I find it a nice plant for light shade.

2 Jul, 2016


Thanks looks like it might be a pale yellow flower...At the moment ,the roots and part way up the stems are shaded by a Hebe,but the flower heads get sun most of the day..I think it needs to be towards the back of the border,as it doesn't look right where it is now..when would be the right time to move it please?

2 Jul, 2016


I'd move it late autumn or early spring. Dead head it after flowering.

3 Jul, 2016


Thank you,will do ...

3 Jul, 2016

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