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By Mark61

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi i have a pink lady apple tree when do i know when to pick the apples?Please see my picture on my photos as i do have one of the apple.Regards mark



When they are ripe!

5 Aug, 2010


MG has the only true answer, Mark. Your photo apple looks pretty ripe, but the only way to really tell is to pick it and eat it. We do the same with 'Anna' apples and citrus here: when the season comes near, we pick one and eat it every few weeks, and when it tastes good, we harvest the rest on the tree

5 Aug, 2010


if you twist the apple instead of pulling it and it comes of then they are ready to eat cheers , H

6 Aug, 2010


If the fruit leaves the tree with no resistance, it is usually ripe, or has/had a lodger. Put your hand under the selected fruit and raise gently......if it parts company....enjoy.

6 Aug, 2010

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