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2x with new photos. Can somebody ID this plant I found growing at the Highline in New York City. It seems to like hot, dry & sunny conditions.

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With a better look at the foliage, it looks like a shrub that I used to sell, but I can't remember whether it was a Hydrangea, or a Viburnum. Will keep researching! :)

4 Jul, 2016


hmm I think you're in the 'ballpark' Viburnums & Hydrangeas both do very well here. There's a continuous cool breeze coming off the Hudson River. These big pink plumes remind me of cotton candy.

4 Jul, 2016


its spirea come in many colors

4 Jul, 2016


Spirea was what I thought too but my memory for names went blank on me...
Definitely not a hydrangea or a viburnum.

4 Jul, 2016


I think it's Filipendula rubra or a cultivar of this.

4 Jul, 2016


Landgirl, you're probably right, in which case it's nothing that I would have sold--Filipendula doesn't grow in my climate! I was fooled by an apparent pair of opposite leaves, but closer examination shows that those are a fluke. I wonder what it was that I was selling! :]

5 Jul, 2016


Thanks Everybody for helping out with this. I know this was a tough one but I think you nailed it.

7 Jul, 2016

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