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By Ginnym

Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom Gb

I planted acidantera for the first time this spring in fibre posts, so that I could transfer them straight to the ground. While they have mostly produced bulbils there has been no sign of other growth - roots, leaves or etc. can anyone suggest why please? I have replanted them all into moist compost in a larger pot to see what happens, removing a few rotten bulbils as I did so. Any suggestions would be helpful - thank you.



I'm puzzled that they produced bulbils without having grown leaves first. Compost can get very dry in fibre pots so moving them into plastic ones was a good move. They do OK if you plant the straight into the ground though. Did the bulbs look healthy when y repotted them?
I put some in very late about a month ago and they are through already so I'm wondering if yours have dried out and died? I did have some that overwintered in a trough outside and they have suffered very much from slug damage but the ones that went into the garden seem OK.I don't think there's anything more you can do but hope for the best at this point.

5 Jul, 2016

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