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By Chino

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

I haven't been on here for quite a while "family problems" .
Looking forward to browsing through everything and of course the wonderful help members give.
The help I need just now is that I bought a gardenia from a car boot sale, what type of soil do I pot it on with and will it live outdoors.



Generally, they're houseplants in the UK, but there are one or two hardy varieties available which are meant to grow outdoors here, one of which is named 'Kleims Hardy'. I grew that one once, I can;'t say I was entranced - the flowers were quite nice, but it never really looked healthy and was so slow growing. They need acid soil conditions, so use ericaceous potting compost - the non hardy ones also need even temperatures, no draughts at all, preferably around 20 to 25 degrees, with a small drop in temperature at night.Water with tepid water, keep in good light, and you might get some flowers at some point, but its not easy to get them to flower again after purchase.

7 Jul, 2016


as you are in devon it will probably go outside if it is an outdoor variety. but if you are not sure an nice large pot with ericaceous compost as Bamboo suggests.

8 Jul, 2016


Thank you for replies.

I do have it outdoors and it has survived the winter it has two buds coming but looks pretty grim with leaves all brown and crisp at the tips, it's in a pot and in a mixture of peat and Jl number 3, so I'll
re-pot it in ericaceous compost and bring it indoors for the winter.
I have no idea if it's an outdoor as a pal gave it me from the car boot sale so she doesn't know either ?.

8 Jul, 2016


Photo might help with deciding which variety it is, if its Kleims Hardy, it shouldn't be brought indoors, merely given a bit of shelter if the winter is a bad one to stop the compost and roots freezing.

8 Jul, 2016


Thank you all for your good tips and advice, I'll give an update on the blighter in due course on this method.

8 Jul, 2016


I've taken a chance and re-potted it in ericaceous compost and a good watering. Hope it doesn't die on me ?

9 Jul, 2016

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