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Compost question. I bought some all purpose garden compost a few days ago. I'll definitely have quite a bit of it left over after I've done my planting. I'm just wondering, will it 'keep' for next year. Or does it deteriorate and lose 'nutritional' value quite quickly. Thanks for any guidance



I always keep mine for the following year,but make sure it's sealed up if it's been partly used.,and under cover..I keep mine in an old type dust bin,or the shed..It's always seemed to be ok...I add granular fertiliser to the pots when topping them up with it..

7 Jul, 2016


Many thanks. I'll keep it in the garden shed then.

7 Jul, 2016


I have just bought some for next spring use. It will keep as long as it is covered to stop it drying out as it is often hard to get it to take up water once it is dry.

8 Jul, 2016


Hi, are we talking about ''garden compost'' or potting compost, I'll assume the latter, as there's no reason to have any left over if it's garden compost, you just spread iton your beds and borders until you run out, but as stated, it will keep if it's stored correctly, Derek.

8 Jul, 2016

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