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Anyone here interested in Orchids. I love them I had three but lost two. Think over watered ?




Hello Chino and welcome back to GoY. Sorry things haven't been going so well for you.
I have 3 phalenopsis and one other [name escapes me] house orchids. My don't re-flower as often as I'd like them too, probably neglect them too much rather than over water :o)
my real orchid passion though is for British natives.
I have 4 bee orchids and one spotted orchid in the garden. I know of 2 sites where there are lady slippers.

8 Jul, 2016


I have always struggled to get mine to flower, then I read an article that said to dunk them for an hour each week in water with orchid bloom feed. At the moment all three are in bloom - a first for me.

8 Jul, 2016


I've decided to try the semi hydroponic culture, so yesterday I ousted it out of its bark mixture and gave the roots a good swilling in water,
I found a glass vase in the cupboard added about two to three inches of water then put the roots just touching the water but not the crown. Looks OK today no wilt as yet. So fingers crossed if it doesn't do well it's heading to the compost heap, and I've told it so too ?.

8 Jul, 2016


How do I add a picture here please, I can't find a link to this page to add one.

8 Jul, 2016


In my experience orchids are so easilly over-watered and then the flowers shrivel and fall off. They thrive on neglect. Only water with rain water pouring the water through the pot and letting it drain. About every 10 days is enough. Good luck.

9 Jul, 2016


Chino, at the top where it says "hi Chino" drop down the box, go to your news on the left, when your original question comes up press "update question" and you can then add a photo.

9 Jul, 2016


Chino remember orchids grow naturally on trees, in the little crevices where fallen debris accumulates so they are not adapted to having their roots wet all the time. The roots that appear over the top of the pots are designed to absorb moisture from the air. You've had three lots of good advice above so if you want to keep your orchid you know what to do.

9 Jul, 2016


Oops ! Just added a pic though a bit of disaster, it went to the top of my question and isn't the right way up. But thanks Cammomile, I'm getting there. It's so long since I was here I'd forgotten how to do it but I don't remember doing it this way, I have pics on here somewhere that I put on when I first joined a while ago.

It's my 84 yr old brain you see. ?

9 Jul, 2016


Chino adding pics to a question is different from adding them to your photo file. To see yours you need to go to your profile page and click on Photos in the list of options just above your avatar picture. To add a new picture to that file you again go to your profile and click Options in the top right of the screen. Then choose Add a Photo from the drop down list.

9 Jul, 2016


Steragram. I've somehow mistakenly changed my profile pic while following your instructions ?. But had another go so hope I did it right this time. Thank you again.

9 Jul, 2016



10 Jul, 2016


That's a nice way to show them off - if you think about it they grow in trees andtheir roots hang free catching rainwater that's rips over them.

Just a thought but you might want to add some nice stones to the vase to give it a bit of weight (for stability) before the orchid grows and the whole thing becomes top heavy. Stones would also give you a line to water up to.

14 Jul, 2016

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