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My acer palmatum dissectum has started losing its leaves not a year old yet. Help please




Few questions I'm afraid - how many leaves has it lost, just one or two or quite a lot? How long have you had the plant? how tall is it, and how big is the pot in terms of height from top to bottom (can't tell from your photo)

11 Jul, 2016


A few more
Has it ever dried out, has the pot a drainage hole, is it in full sun (chance would be fine thing this year)
Did you buy it in this pot, & when?
And could it have vine weevil?

11 Jul, 2016


I find it hard to grow, my garden isn't sheltered enough from the wind and sun.....
Is it in a sheltered area?

11 Jul, 2016


What part of the U.S. are you in, Lleeds? Areas with hot summers, like mine, severely stress Japanese Maples, especially the cut-leaf varieties.

11 Jul, 2016

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