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hello can someone id this for me,comes up every year it was lovley the first year but flowers are smaller every year.also my goosberrys are totaly bare of leaves this morning just stalks what is going on.




Could it be Echinops Ladybug? Round spiky heads turn blue.
Sounds like gooseberry sawfly, the reason I stopped growing them years ago. The caterpillars can strip a plant in hours.

13 Jul, 2016


Agree its the sawfly. We used to use Derris in the old days... Nothing to be done this year but the plant will recover. Vigilance is the key. Next year keep a sharp look out for the young caterpillars. The eggs are often laid near the tips of the branches and you will notice the leaves look a bit distorted and curled under. You can see the baby caterpillars on the backs of them and I deal with that simply by cutting off the affected shoots. Lots of sympathy, it's really really frustrating.

13 Jul, 2016


ty thorney,yes the flowers are blue and round,right im pulling the gooseberrys up dont like the spikes anyway ty

13 Jul, 2016


ty steragram they look terrible

13 Jul, 2016


Won't you miss eating the actual gooseberries?

13 Jul, 2016


Yes they will do, but they would recover.
I hate the thought of a garden without them - worth all the prickles in my book! There is now a virtually thornless red one called Pax if that helps!
There's also a cross between a gooseberry and a blackcurrant called Jostaberry - mine new this year so can't comment on yield.

13 Jul, 2016

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