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Can anyone else please ? the leaves on my mock orange are turning yellow and shrivelling up !! In the spring the blossom was lovely and it was healthy ! Not sure why this should be happening any ideas please .




Soil looks very, very dry - have you watered at all? The other two shrubs don't look happy either.

16 Jul, 2016


That's what I thought Moon Grower........looks very dry.

16 Jul, 2016


I agree. Get the hosepipe out!

17 Jul, 2016


Many thanks to both , yes i have watered ...but perhaps not enough ! the top soil is dry but still moist about 6" down , we had those very high damaging winds a while ago which wasn't at all good for the Buddleias, along with torrential rain , fingers crossed it might recover ! thanks again .

17 Jul, 2016


Hi again , Hose pipe coming out now ! before it gets too 'hot' , at moment we have some cloud !

17 Jul, 2016


Give the soil a good soaking by leaving the hose pipe on trickle for a good few hours at the foot of each shrub.

17 Jul, 2016

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