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Pets buried in the garden.
Sorry, this isn't exactly a gardening question, but I imagine gardeners would have the best answer.
I buried our cat in the garden 6 years ago. Around 22 inches down, wrapped in a blanket.
Does anyone have any idea if there will still be any remains if I have to dig up that particular area again now?



Depends what the blanket was made of, but I'd expect at least some fabric and bones.

19 Jul, 2016


there may also be some fur too. certainly when I accidentally dug up a rabbit 6 yrs after its demise there were bones and fur.

19 Jul, 2016


You will most likely find a few of the larger bones; skull, femur, thigh bones.

19 Jul, 2016


oh dear! might try to get some other brave soul to actually dig up what's there and I'll rebury. Strangely, I think I'd be fine if it was someone else's cat. Thanks for the info.

19 Jul, 2016

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