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I have a real problem with ants under my lawn, they are destroying my garden. They keep erupting out of the ground leaving what look like small mole hills all over the lawn. There is thousands and thousands of them. Once a year I get an extra explosion when all the flying ants come to the surface and we have to shut all doors and windows and lock ourselves way til they have gone. Does any body know of a way to get rid of them, we are finding it hard to enjoy our garden there are so many of them.



Make a 50/50 mixture of Borax & Sugar. Add the mixture to 2x the amount of warm water and mix until completely dissolved. Add a bunch of cotton balls to dissolved mixture so that all the liquid is completely absorbed and you have enough cotton balls to place around each ant opening. place 1 or 2 cotton balls near each ant opening. This should get rid of the ants. IF you are worried about pets, place cotton balls into a container with a few holes poked out for the ants to go in.

22 Jul, 2016


I would suggest that you leave them alone and let them aerate your lawn, gather weed seeds and devour your garden pests including grubs.

22 Jul, 2016


Have some borax in the garage, will give it a go. Thanks.

22 Jul, 2016


Alternatively, try a natural nematode solution like this

22 Jul, 2016


I would try to deter them by using a sprinkler on the lawn on a regular basis. They like a dry, light soil so the regular wetting is worth a go.

23 Jul, 2016

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