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Hi everyone

Can't someone please identify this for me and give me some credentials i.e what size it grows, is it evergreen etc. it was in the garden of a house we moved to but it was dying so I tried to revive it and it is doing pretty good.

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I think it is an Astilbe, probably "Fanal" (× arendsii).

About 50cm max. Dies back in winter.

22 Jul, 2016


Excellent. Thanks for this. ??

23 Jul, 2016


Agree its an astilbe; likes to be damper than dry so that could be why it was looking a little sad.
you can leave the dead flower soikes on as when they get frosted they look really pretty. or if you prefer you can cut them out. follow the dead flower stem as far down to the ground as you can and cut the stem there.

in the middle of the clump you also have a weed growing leaves are opposite each other up the stem. pull it out as it produces lots of seeds.

welcome to GoY too :o)

23 Jul, 2016

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