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We had a rat run by my Apple tree the pest control man put the remaining poison down the hole by the tree will this affect the apples should I eat them




No, the poison is warfarin which is an anticoagulant that causes fatal internal bleeding in the rat. Do not worry about this at all, go ahead and munch a bunch!

24 Jul, 2016


Though I trust the poison isn't anywhere that birds and other small mammals could eat it...

24 Jul, 2016


Unfortunately Moon , when using poison baits, there will always be the potential for secondary poisoning no matter where it is placed.

24 Jul, 2016


You might want to establish precisely which bait they've used, there are several in common use as rodenticides (see link below). Its extremely unlikely that anything he's used will be taken up by the tree and its fruits. However, some baits are also classed as biocides and may have some impact on the tree's environment generally by affecting beneficial organisms which are present at the root. Knowing which one he's used and asking if there's any risk to your tree from it, or finding that out for yourself once you have the name, might be useful

24 Jul, 2016

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