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Hi can someone i.d this lavateria/malva soft leaved shrub i saw in my friends garden

Dscn3647 Dscn3648



It looks like a Cape Mallow, Anisodontea Capensis?

24 Jul, 2016


no sorry its not cape mallow this plant has leaves the size of a hand and very very soft like velvet

24 Jul, 2016


Tree Mallow, Malva arborea? Was it a seaside garden?

25 Jul, 2016 has a photo that looks very like your plant.

25 Jul, 2016


I didnt find a diffinative photo but close enough thanks its similar to a lavatera but is much bigger leaves and trunk seems like they are slightly tender and grow on south west coastal areas my photo was from a garden in devizes probably dropped by a bird

26 Jul, 2016


I like the leaves and would not mind if it failed to flower.

26 Jul, 2016

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