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By Kbbc77

Virginia, United States Us

With both of my sons having nasty rashes, I discovered my staghorn sumac is actually the poison variety. How can I get rid of this?



I would bag it and leave it for collection. Don't burn it. The smoke could cause problems if inhaled.

25 Jul, 2016


Wear a hat, eye protection, gloves, long sleeved shirts, socks, and long pants. When you are through, take off your gloves the way doctors and nurses do (you can see this method on YouTube) and put on a new pair of nitrile gloves which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Only then remove the rest of your clothing and shoes and either discard or wash. Also don't forget to WASH any garden tools that you haved used. Remove the nitrile gloves using the same the way, your pharmacist can show you this method too. When carrying the bagged plant for disposal, be sure to wear gloves . I don't know how large your plant is so these are instructions for a large one. I also would advise spraying the plant with glycophosphate (Roundup) and waiting a few weeks untill the plant is completely dead, then remove it.

25 Jul, 2016


I would use SBK on it instead of glyphosphate: I've found it to be more effective on other sumac family plants. Admitted, though, I haven't had to deal with the various poison ivies, oaks, and sumacs. Another benefit to gardening in the desert.

25 Jul, 2016

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