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By Ninap

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What is this????

Hi Everyone! Yesterday morning I was in my local garden centre here in Spain, and I came across this totally bizarre plant. There was no label on the pot and only a young girl available to ask and she didn't know.

Does anyone have any ideas???

Thanks, Nina




Very pretty, it's a Bromeliad, possibly Guzmania or Aechmea blue tango, but I'm not sure. There are hundreds of pictures on the web.

26 Jul, 2016


Thanks Cammomile - I will now be able to browse the web having a look - Bromeliads are a new world to me! Nina

26 Jul, 2016


Just had a quick look and it appears to be Aechmea Del Mar - I think I may have to buy one as it is so bizarre! The other bromeliads I have seen online are also quite amazing - perhaps a new area of interest for me! Nina

26 Jul, 2016


It's related to the Pineapple.

26 Jul, 2016


It could be a Portea. I have one with the same flowers and leaves, and identified it that way. If you do get it, remember that after it flowers, it takes around a month for the pups to emerge. The main plant will never flower again, and it likes bright light, but not sun (I grow mine in my woods). Also water (with just a touch of water soluble fertilizer) in the throat.

26 Jul, 2016


I think I need to do some reading before I buy one! Nina

26 Jul, 2016


It is Achmea Blue Tango del mar, Ninap... Check out Bilbergia nutans as well, that's a beauty in flower...

26 Jul, 2016


Thanks Bamboo - will do! Nina

26 Jul, 2016

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