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I have a Coxes apple tree which for 2-3 years has not blossomed so no apples. It appears healthy (sorry no photo), leaves are OK. On one side is a fruiting apple tree on the other side a fruiting pear tree. What can be done ?:



Hi Paul. Is it in the ground or in a container?

27 Jul, 2016


Its still a baby, keep it well watered, maybe a general feed next spring, its making a good root system and still growing, much better for the life of the tree to allow it to mature properly

27 Jul, 2016


As Pamg says, it's still early days yet, especially if you bought it as a maiden so all the energy is spent on the structure and root system rather than the fruit. Cox are not the easiest one to grow so if you don't get any blossom next year, then I would suggest giving it a couple of feeds of sulphate of potash about August time.

27 Jul, 2016


I'm wondering too if you have a suitable pollinator nearby?.....

28 Jul, 2016


No help though as it hasn't flowered...

28 Jul, 2016

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