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I bought a cheap clematis from Tesco at Easter. I have worked hard at nurturing it. The planting position was wet so I replanted it in a large pot to prevent it sitting in water. Then the slugs started to have a go, so I put down a generous amount of pellets (not that keen on these). I looked at the plant last night and think the pellets may have gone and it looks like the slugs were at it again. I'm thinking of giving up; however the roots are healthy so would new growth appear in the autumn and be strong enough to resist slugs next year?



Are you saying there's no topgrowth at all, or that there is topgrowth but much of it is damaged? Any chance of a photograph please? As for slugs and snails, regular application of pellets is required, particularly after rain (if you haven't used rain proof ones) but only a few at a time.

27 Jul, 2016


There is/was topgrowth which was doing rather well when I re-planted it; there were 2 vines of 18 ins and 2 ft tall. One vine was destroyed hence the use of slug pellets, but last night there was sign the 2nd was being attacked. when I replanted I was really pleased with the roots. I don't have a picture immediately to hand.

27 Jul, 2016


I've had to chop two of my clematis down to their bases, one because of mildew and the other which was caught in the drift of some weed killer I sprayed. They are both doing wonderfully since I moved them and are putting on a lot of growth. However, the slugs would have had a field day had I not kept putting down the pellets.

27 Jul, 2016


It's certainly worth keeping it - I've known clematis in the ground to disappear completely for various reasons and then reappear the following year. In all this, though, you've not said which variety of clematis it is, do you know?

27 Jul, 2016


Thanks for the advice.I used slug pellets, and have been watering the plant nearly every day. As a result the remaining vine is doing brilliantly and there are signs it is about to come into flower.

17 Aug, 2016

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