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I have a small lawn where i would like to replace the grass with a low growing evergreen herb. However, the lawn is in a north facing garden and gets no direct sunlight during the winter, but plenty of sun spring to Autumn. Can anyone please tell me if this is possible and recommend any suitable herbs?

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Unfortunately, plants like chamomile (often used as a replacement for grass) do require at least dappled sun all year round. It might be better to consider artificial turf or hard surfacing of some sort. There is one that will grow, but its next to impossible to control its spread, and that's Mind Your Own Business, see link below

but I wouldn't recommend it because of its invasive nature. If the shade in the area is caused by overhanging trees, I also wouldn't recommend gravel or pea shingle - its very difficult to remove soggy leaves from that sort of material and it starts to look very grubby if in shade a lot of the time.

27 Jul, 2016



Thank you for your response, it is appreciated. If I were to replace the grass, it would only be with something which is aromatic like a herb, so I guess that answers my question and I will leave it as grass.


27 Jul, 2016


How much sun does Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium) need? On the other hand, it, too, is difficult to control.

27 Jul, 2016

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