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Hi, does anyone know why the tree in the middle of my front lawn seems to be dying? It was covered in blossom this spring but just gone down since. Cant see any weeping. Have checked. The plants under it seem fine but it is losing all its leaves. Hope photes ok but if not will try again. Any help would be great as would like to save it. Jen

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If a tree is going to be infected by a virus or fungus it happens at this time of year. Your tree is shutting down early because of the leaf loss. Hopefully it has enough food stores in its roots for a flowering and leafing out next spring. There is nothing you can do at present.

28 Jul, 2016


Just wondering Jen - you have lots of plants round it and the base of a tree is usually best left reasonably bare. Just possibly they might be competing for nutrients? Just a guess.

28 Jul, 2016


Thank you for replies. So its fingers crossed it comes back next year. I agree that it is heavily planted around it. Other then weed haven't touch that boarder but after your suggestions hubby and I have agreed that will clear some of the plants around it and see if that helps it for next year. Thanks again Jen

29 Jul, 2016

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