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By Vivich

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I am wanting to plant crocosmia/lucifer where there has previously been alstroemerias. How hard must I try to get rid of all traces of the alstroemerias before I plant and will the crocosmia suit the same situation which is west facing.



Crocosmia seems to grow just about anywhere.
Alstromerias are unlikely to regrow from root fragments left in the ground.

28 Jul, 2016


Crocosmias are very pretty but - in someone else's garden. They spread quite quickly and are almost impossible to remove entirely because they grow from tiny corms. If you want a plant that will eventually cover most of your border then go for them.

28 Jul, 2016


Ooh, Steragram. Many, many years ago I left some root fragments of Alstromeria in the ground, even inadvertently spread them, and I have had to live with this ever since!!!!

28 Jul, 2016


Lucifer hasn't spread much here - all we do is reduce the size of the clump when necessary. In half a dozen years we only have one rogue plant in another bed.

28 Jul, 2016


Wow Bulba, I retire in confusion. Sorry about that.
there's too much of me on this thread, sorry.

28 Jul, 2016

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