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Hello you clever lot...

Is anyone able to tell me what this plant is please?

It's growing amongst what I would say is one of the smaller varieties of about 3 to 4 feet tall, pink flowers on long stems, and lovely big leaves :)

Thank you!

Img_3386 Img_3388 Img_3390



Ohhh, sorry the photos are the wrong way up! I think that's my Mac...not sure how to fix? :(

30 Jul, 2016


Anemone japonica. I hate this plant. We have been trying to stop it taking over the garden for 20 years without much success.

30 Jul, 2016


Same in my garden, I dig it out whenever I see it, but others find it attractive.

30 Jul, 2016


It's the right way up for my ipad, B. I guess it's your Mac as you suggest.

31 Jul, 2016


Thank you everyone...sorry it's taken me a few days to replay! Is it just that you don't like how it looks Owd, or is there something more sinister I should know about it before I bring it into my garden?!

3 Aug, 2016

How do I say thanks?

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