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can anyone tell me what this problem is please




What kind of plant is this? Can you photo the entire plant? It looks like the work of a leaf miner. A bug of some sort is chomping through the plant's vascular system. The way to control it is to snip off any infected leaves before it spreads. The bug is inside the plant so a systemic insecticide may be necessary.

30 Jul, 2016


The damage is from one of the many varieties of leaf miners. Bathgate has advised you on its control/ eradication.

30 Jul, 2016


If it is a perpetual spinach or a Swiss chard, then it is definitely a leaf miner. It is a very serious problem here in London and a very difficult to control. Myself and many of my friends stopped growing these vegetables. Just spray with a systemic insecticide if you want to keep it under control.

30 Jul, 2016

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