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I have magnificent hydrangea on 50cm pots. I usually prune on March. Moving house in October or November, is it OK to prune before the move?

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if you have to prune them then try and keep them sheltered from the frost so the lower buds don't get frost damaged.

hopefully you will be able to move the pots unpruned.

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30 Jul, 2016


Also depending on how much you cut off if you prune them now you will probably forfeit next years flowers. They are beauties.

30 Jul, 2016


Thank you very much for the advice. I had thought maybe prune lightly and wrap in fleece for the move, then prune as normal in March. It will be a shame though, as I like the faded and dead flower heads through the winter.


30 Jul, 2016


PS I like your idea of standing the pot on a tray of grit.

30 Jul, 2016


Why are you thinking of pruning at all given they are in pots - simply move them.

30 Jul, 2016


It will be too difficult to move them without serious damage if I don prune. They are enormous and will probably get broken. In full flower I am not sure how to go about protecting them.

31 Jul, 2016


As hydrangeas go they are still quite small but I see your point. I know I'm not the only one to hire a separate van for plants when we move house. If they can be lifted carefully into a van (with any other plants you want to move) their own weight should be enough to keep them stable and if you are concerned you can put some packaging between them. When we moved to Wales from Staffordshire the plants van went down the day before with one of us who slept on the floor that night...

31 Jul, 2016


I like the idea of a separate van for the plants, not sure about sleeping on the floor but if I must! They are larger than they look, they stand about 4.5 ft from base of pot to top of plant and spread about 6 ft, or maybe more. Pruning probably necessary just to access the pot to lift them, will probably need three people. My concern is whether they will survive a prune in October. I will take the advice to protect from frost to protect next year's buds.

31 Jul, 2016


I did have an inflatable mattress (even though the air had all leaked out by morning...) Best of luck with them anyway - let us know how you go on.

31 Jul, 2016

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