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what is this cactus?




Being picky, all cacti are succulents, not all succulents are cacti, and this isn't a cactus.
I think its some kind of Aloe, sorry don't know which.

30 Jul, 2016


Hi, welcome to GoY, I agree with Steragram, it is an Aloe, possibly A aristata, Derek.

30 Jul, 2016


I'm not seeing teeth on the edges of the leaves, which would rule out Aloe - its a Haworthia, either H. fasciata or H. attenuata, more likely H. fasciata.

30 Jul, 2016


So it is. Never had one of those. Nice one isn't it?

30 Jul, 2016


One of the best! This one looks like it could use more light, though, Norastar. I recommend that you increase the exposure gradually. Growing indoors like that, it will do best with some direct sun in the morning.

31 Jul, 2016

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