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anyone got any idea,i saved a begonia tuber from last summer replanted this summer and it has grew a flower totally different from last summer.




My nonstop tuberous begonias really live up to their name and look spectacular in a planter under my maple tree. Everybody who visits compliments the prolific red & yellow blooms. They produce two kinds of flowers, male & female each looking totally different. Yours are doing the same thing. That's just what they do. Enjoy them!

31 Jul, 2016


thanks bathgate

31 Jul, 2016


when you say a different flower do you mean it is a different shape or colour?
if its the shape that's different it is probably as Bathgate says due to the sex of the flower.
take a close look at the yellow centre parts. the female bits look like a velvety yellow worm,
where as the male flower looks like a bottle brush.

if its a different colour then that could be a genetic cause or the effects of the weather or nutrients as it was developing.

3 Aug, 2016

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