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My parsley has become ridiculously leggy with endless flowers but no clumps of usable parsley' lumps' at ground level. Is this the end of it? Shall I buy a different kind of parsley? What did I do wrong?!
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you did nothing wrong that is the way the plant grows. you could try cutting off the flower heads and see if they re-leaf. they are easy to grow from seed. personally I'd buy a new pot.
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3 Aug, 2016


And next time, keep an eye on it and nip out flowering shoots, which should extend the life of the leafy parts.

3 Aug, 2016


It seems you're not harvesting it much - my parsley plants never get the chance to flower, lol!

Just cut it back to some fresh, new growth and (if it's in a pot), repot into some fresh compost and keep it out of the sun if possible. It'll take ages to regrow to a decent size, so consider getting another plant to tide you over.

3 Aug, 2016

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