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sowing common toadflax could it be a problem plant to sow in a garden? I have seen it on verges outside houses it is a tap rooted individual and seeds still survive after burning. and plant will grow from 1cm fragment left in soil after weeding. currently i keep my linaria (canon went)cultivars at bay by cutting them down after flowering but they are prolific buggers getting into every pot around the garden and once around would be a friend for life weather you like it or not.




you have answered your own question. :o) they are prolific seeders so if you do put them in the garden then you will have to weed the unwanted ones out.

3 Aug, 2016


Well, you've answered your own question, Alistair, so not sure what information you're looking for...?

3 Aug, 2016


yes i guess i did i just wanted some confirmation from someone that has grown it thats all...... obviously you havent.

4 Aug, 2016

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