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do birds eat runner bean flowers, and how to stop this



Yes, I think they do.

4 Aug, 2016


Yes, and there's no effective way to stop it unless you can build a large cage with chicken-wire, which isn't practical for most. It's just a fact of gardening life - birds will be birds.

4 Aug, 2016


Thanks - not happened before !!!!!!!!!!1

4 Aug, 2016


They don't necessarily eat the flowers, simply pluck them off!

4 Aug, 2016


CD's on strings are a good deterrent. We had sparrows eating the flowers on ours last year.
This year's problem with the runner beans has been having them chewed off about 6-8" above the root. Don't know if it was jackdaws, slugs or snails.

8 Aug, 2016

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