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I have no photos only a description, I was bought two bulbs from Amsterdam no clue of the name, it as very large leaves a bit like a Palm tree, when it flowers it as a h6ge purple petal and a black stick thing in the centre, the stem is speckled, an anyone help please, somebody told me that they are quite smelly



Possibly a Sauromatum venosum

Or a Dracnunculus

Both are pretty smelly and are not hardy outdoors in the UK as they need to be frost free. Given you say the stem is speckled I'd go for Sauromatum

5 Aug, 2016


Is there no way you can put up a photo?

5 Aug, 2016


Pretty good description of Sauromatum venosum (Voodoo Lily) although there are afew other aroids that might come close.

5 Aug, 2016


Thanks, this plant as been outside for the past four years itvis growing really big, this is one that I did not know about

5 Aug, 2016

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