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what causes laurel plants in polypocket bags leaves to curle up turn rusty colour



Any one or several factors would cause leaves to discolor, including bugs, pathogens, lack of nutrients, moisture and overheating.

7 Aug, 2016


Pictures would help, as would some indication of how much sun, water,and nutrients they are getting. Are they being propagated in a greenhouse or conservatory, or newly purchased and not yet planted? What kind of laurel are they?

7 Aug, 2016


Are the polypockets big enough for the laurel plants? They are usually small and laurels grow very big.

7 Aug, 2016


Lack of sufficient nutrients and water. I've no idea what you mean by 'polypockets' in a gardening sense (to me, they're clear document holders for ring-binder files) but whatever they are, they sound far too small to contain Laurel plants. Laurels need to go in the ground, or in a large pot or other container.

8 Aug, 2016

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