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Taking rose cuttings



Hi, welcome to GoY, I assume you're wanting to take some rose cuttings, first find a shoot, preferably 1 that hasn't flowered, about 12" long, and about as thick as a pencil, make a sloping cut just beneath a leaf joint, then make a straight cut at the top, this is so that you know which way is up, then use a spade to make a v shaped slit in the soil, about 9" deep, then put 1" of sharp sand in the bottom of the slit, then put your cutting/s on 1 side of the v, with the bottom of the cutting resting on the sand, close up the slit, then check next spring for any sign of growth, if there is they have rooted, leave them where they are until end of october, then plant out where you want them, the advantage of taking cuttings is that you won't get any suckers, but the disadvantage is that they may not be as vigorous as grafted or budded plants, Derek.

7 Aug, 2016

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