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I have a lot of weeds in block paving around the house, as soon as i have removed them they are back in a flash.

I`m going to use a weed killer on part of the garden a well as the paving, when i have used the weed killer on the strip of garden,how long after can i plant flowers safely, as i do not want to kill of the flowers,

I am
a new gardener and have not done anything like this before.

Thanks. Michael



It depends which weedkiller you use on your strip of garden. Path weedkillers are designed to prevent anything growing for about six months. Others such as those containing glyphosate are absorbed by the leaves of the plant and only kill the plants it touches. So don't use the same weedkiller for both.

If your strip of garden is not too big it might be more effective to dig out the weeds by hand as it will need digging over anyway before you put new plants in it.

If the weeds are huge and thick though a weedkiller would give you a good start, but it will still need digging afterwards.

7 Aug, 2016


Having the same problem! Weedkiller seems to be a waste of time & money. Buy a bottle of vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle and spray the weeds, you will be impressed. I was.

9 Aug, 2016

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