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I have big areas of large white arum lily ices with lush green leaves

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I have big areas of large white arum lilies with dark green leaves. Do I cut them down or just leave them all winter. They are very bushy and I have had lots of white lilies during the summer but they are now finished.



Once the foliage dies back naturally, you can cut it off as you would with tulips, dafs & other kinds of bulbs. They would make a nice display in a vase.

10 Aug, 2016


I just let mine die back and then when they are yellow/brown I gently pull them away like daffs. the longer you leave them on when they are green they continue to feed the corm for next year.
if the flowers have set seed I| usually cut that off too so the plant doesn't waste energy on producing seeds that I don't want.

10 Aug, 2016

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