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acanthus (bears breeches), i have had an acanthus planted for 2 years, in a sunny position, watered well, but to date no flowers, any ideas why, plant looks very healthy.

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Sorry no. Mine didn't flower it just spread madly everywhere instead.And its really hard to eradicate.

11 Aug, 2016


Mine has only flowered once in 10 years plus of being in the border.

11 Aug, 2016


I had one in a north east border and it flowered every year, perhaps they prefer a bit of shade. I didn't pay it much attention but it was prone to mildew.

11 Aug, 2016


I have had two in a part shade position and they have never flowered in three years. i thought it was just me.

11 Aug, 2016


I have one which flowers every year. We are on clay, though the bed this is in was probably made from top-soil. Planted (willy-nilly) in a dryish bed, almost under the Judas tree, in full sun for the afternoon and it spread like mad, seeds everywhere and if not staked, flops everywhere too. Given by my Sister, so mustn't complain!

12 Aug, 2016


I planted one in semi shade 6 yrs ago, no flowers for 2 years . I assumed it was settling in. it now flowers every year. [and it is spreading strongly ;o)]

12 Aug, 2016

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