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What evergreens can be propogated from cuttings?


By Tanja

Macedonia Mk

Hi. I'm starting my own production with cuttings. This part of the year I use bottom heat. So, my question is have you tried the rooting hormone IMB?And if you have tried, what evergreen with needles are most likely to be rooted?

On plant Picea pungens glauca; Abies nordmanniana; Taxus x hilli



Hi Tanja - welcome to GOY! You are a long way away - glad you found us. We have an expert on evergreens on the site, called 'bluespruce' - have a look at his page and you'll be amazed at his garden. I am sure he will be able to answer your question for you.

22 Dec, 2007


Hi Tanja, most needled conifers are propagated by grafting. However there are some that you can try from cuttings ;
Taxus, all cultivars are generally easy. Many Picea glauca cultivars are also fairly easy, as are Picea mariana. Some Picea abies cultivars are possible. Tsuga canadensis are good, Cryptomeria are good. Some Abies are possible like Abies concolor, but difficult. Picea pungens, some are possible but most are not.
Hope this helps a bit.

22 Dec, 2007

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