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I seem to have a problem with a garden pest feeding on various plants, but being a bit of a novice I can't identify what it might be, so here is a photo.
The plat is a Foxglove, it have infected all of them and many other plants.
Many thanks for any help




My guess is thrips, tiny insects that suck the innards from plants cells.
Apparently the same nematodes that kill leatherjackets will eat thrip papae too:

11 Aug, 2016


Thrips it is.

11 Aug, 2016


If most of your plants have been affected, it could be manganese deficiency rather than thrips.

12 Aug, 2016


That was quick, many thanks for answering my question.
Do you guys now of the best way to treat this, as I have a small garden which I share with some common toads (they help with the slugs) would the nematodes be ok? I wouldn't want to poison them.
Thanks again

12 Aug, 2016


Nematodes are totally natural, so won't cause any harm to the toads. Check out The Green Gardener for information. :)

12 Aug, 2016


Nematodes will take a month or two to be effective.

12 Aug, 2016

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