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I have a hawthorn that is diseased / infested, which curls the leaves. Please see attached photo. Are you able to diagnose and advise what to do as the tree is not flowering, possibly as a result? I have tried cutting is out but the next year, it eventually returns. Many thanks

Img_20151011_164309068 Img_20151011_164431483



Looks like a heavy aphid infestation - if its a large tree, then spraying with insecticide isn't very practical, but that's what would clear them. Info about aphids, including treatment, here

11 Aug, 2016


Aphids go for soft, fresh growth, so you need to keep a look out for them each year, while leaf growth is developing, and treat accordingly. You can use insecticide, but I prefer to squash them or spray the undersides of the leaves - which is where you'll find them - with agricultural soap and water. (I've never seen aphids on mature hawthorn trees, so I'm assuming this is a young tree and therefore relatively easy to treat.)

12 Aug, 2016


Thanks so much, Bamboo and Rosierose for out here. Yes it is a young tree and I will treat it accordingly. Cheers. Rob

23 Aug, 2016

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