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Choosing the right hedge problem!
Persuaded my husband (at last!) to get rid of the ugly (in my humble opinion), overgrown leylandi hedge. It's grown far too wide and tall but we know we can't take a good 3 feet of height and width without killing it. So - what to put in it's place? I love box, but it's so slow growing that I doubt we'll still be around when it reaches the height we want (about 4 -5 ft). Wondering about beech but it's not evergreen. This isn't absolutely though essential as it's not really a screening hedge. Any suggestions please.

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Beech is not evergreen but it does keep its brown leaves all winter. If you want something that will look as neat as your present one you could consider Lonicera nitida, either the dark green one or Baggeson's Gold.

Box isn't worth risking because of box blight which seems to be becoming more widespread.
Yew makes a good dense hedge but is very dark and can eventually easily get very wide.

13 Aug, 2016


Just had a look at Lonicera Nitida on line. It looks exactly what I'm looking for - dense growth like box, fast growing and evergreen! Thanks for that suggestion Steragram - think you've solved my problem - unless someone else has an even better suggestion!

13 Aug, 2016


I'd have gone with Lonicera nitida too - but there is a newer variety with variegated leaves called 'Lemon Beauty' which is very attractive, but is said only to reach a metre in height, so probably not tall enough.

13 Aug, 2016


Thanks to both of you. Decided to take your advice and go for Lonicera Nitida - the green type.

13 Aug, 2016


Choosing the right hedge is more about which one do you like. You have many options. Take a stroll over to your local garden shop. They'll have a selection of many possibilities. I have no idea what you would like.

13 Aug, 2016


Privet is another option, but it's semi-evergreen (only keeps it's leaves in mild winters).

I wouldn't go for box due to the dreaded box blight.

14 Aug, 2016

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