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My cucumbers have done really well this year, but now we are nearing the end of the season, should I cut some leaves off as I do with my tomatoes?



Only if the leaves are compromised with disease, bugs or whatever.

13 Aug, 2016


What sort were they T, mine were poor and I'm ready for a change next year.

13 Aug, 2016


I gave up on cucumbers a few years ago. Downy mildew took them out overnight. I'll just get them from the farmer's market.

13 Aug, 2016


It's difficult to buy home grown cucumbers in this area, just the regulation plastic wrapped, same length, watery tasting, supermarket ones. Tesco is supposed to have the wonky cucumbers but I've only ever seen the box not the cues.

13 Aug, 2016


ours have done really well this year. our neighbours are delighted.

13 Aug, 2016


Mine have done well in the greenhouse, I put one in the soil bed & some in pots, the ones in the pots didnt do at all well but the one in the greenhouse boarder was very good, did get some leaf mildew, I only grow "Telegraph" one's now, I have tried other's but found "Telegraph" ones the best in my experience :o)).

14 Aug, 2016


Thanks,L.E. - Telegraph cucs for me next year.

20 Aug, 2016

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