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My cabbage palm is growing really strongly but most of the leaves are covered in yellow spots.This doesn't seem to affect the plant in anyway but looks very unsightly.Has anyone any ideas?.Thanks



I would look at the undersides of the leaves for evidence of scale or mealybugs. The first that you see of them is frequently small yellow spots on the upper side.

14 Aug, 2016


I think you will find the the yellow leaf spotting is a rust. You will need to cut off the lowest leaves (not all of them at once) and spray with a fungicide. The older leaves do not tend to recover and seem to be permanently spotted but the new leaves will eventually take over as you cut off the older ones. A common problem and most noticeable on the green varieties.

14 Aug, 2016


Ah! Good to know!

14 Aug, 2016


Thank you very much for your replys much appreciated.

18 Aug, 2016

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