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By Mariajp

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

Back in December 2015,we purchased a small Nordmann
Fir from Lime Cross Nursery. It served us valiantly as a Christmas tree until 6th January 2016. We did not have the heart to throw it away and planted it in our garden.
The Fir thrives, looks magnificent and healthy reaching the height of 160 cm and spread of 154 cm. We love it but we, and our neighbour, are concerned that it may grow to 30 meters plus causing damage to pipes and structures. We live in a townhouse with small/medium north facing garden on clay. A friend told us that it may be possible to plant it in a large container (50 cm Diameter, 38 cm Hight), after trimming its roots and top. Would you agree with this advice, or, offer a different solution? We love conifers, would very much to keep our Nordmann Fir. We would be grateful for recommendation of suitable dwarf conifer varieties. Kind regards, Maria




A beautiful tree in much too small a place. You might see if the local parks or public gardens will take it as a donation. Some nurseries or independent garden centers will buy it from you, and even dig it up for you. As for keeping it in a large container and pruning it, that is possible, but will take a fair amount of skill to keep it looking like a Christmas tree. I would read up on bonsai techniques, with an eye to using the methods to keep its shape, rather than making it look like an elfin forest hardcase! :)

14 Aug, 2016


I think your other idea of replacing it with a dwarf conifer would be preferable to trying to keep this one restricted -I hope you can find someone who would be glad to have it.If will need great care moving though as its rather big now. Don't try to transplant it during the growing season. Very early spring is the best time to move evergreens.

There are so many small ones it would be better if you just Google Dwarf Conifers. Be aware though that although they grow very slowly the do get bigger in time so don't plant right up against the boundary..

14 Aug, 2016

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