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By Alic

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hi! any advice appreciated,I brought 3 agapanthus (rhizones with leaves on, from the scilly isles 2 wks ago,wrapped in plastic and still damp with a little soil around roots) should I re plant these now in compost or leave them to dry and then plant in autumn, no idea what variety they are.



Pot them up as soon as possible in potting compost - given you don't know what varieties they are, its possible some are not hardy, so if you pot them and then overwinter them somewhere like a greenhouse or in a cool room in the house, you might be able to decide which varieties they are next year and whether they're safe to plant in the ground or not. Either that or take a chance and plant them in the ground now.

14 Aug, 2016


Thanks for advice re: Agapanthus, will get compost and big pot today, do you know if they prefer acid or alkaline? have read different suggestions of compost use.

16 Aug, 2016


I just use multipurpose mixed 50/50 with some john innes no 3. they have been happy and flowering for 5 yrs now. I suppose I should think about repotting them.
welcome to Goy Too :o0

16 Aug, 2016


Thanks seaburngirl, off to buy compost now............

17 Aug, 2016

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