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By Hank

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Dare I ask another question re- the euonymus ?

As you will see in this photo, I have now trimmed the bush and also the other one visible in the background. But the euonymus appears to be taking over the first one.
My questions are 1.
Shall I cut all the shoots/branches of the "E" that are climbing up into the bush, and drag them out as they die off, or will they live together in harmony ?
2 can I dig up the "E" and move it elsewhere ? And if I can, can I do it now ?
3. Is there a better idea than either of these ?
I realise I need to clear around the base of the bush.




Whether you can dig it up and replant elsewhere depends how long its' been in - if its more than 3 or 4 years, you might lose it if you try. Best time to try doing it is probably October rather than now.

Yes, you can cut off the long shoots that have grown into the wrong places - you can also shape this particular Euonymus into a ball as it grows if you want. Or you can just hack the whole thing back to about 8 inches - but that's best done in spring rather than now. E. Silver Queen is one of those euonymus that, if planted against something vertical, will grow vertically up whatever it is, so it does need regular clipping/restraining.

15 Aug, 2016


As I said though, be prepared for a few brown patches where the E has been when you pull it out.

15 Aug, 2016


Thanks guys, very helpful as always. October to shift it and Spring to hack it down.

15 Aug, 2016


I agree the best Idea is to relocate the E since both shrubs will be competing. The roots of both strubs are probably entangled & both may sustain some damage, but the sooner you move it, the better. The E is pretty forgiving. I relocated 2 bushes last Fall and both are flourishing in their new location.

15 Aug, 2016


Thanks B, will dig some roots and try it. I'll leave some in though to try again later if this attempt fails.

15 Aug, 2016


A friend of mine had to dig hers up at completely the wrong time of year when having a new drive and it never blinked when it was replanted. But I wouldn't bother moving it - all you need to do is to clip it once or twice through the season.

15 Aug, 2016


Actually I'd like some of it elsewhere, I quite like the plant. I remember my wife made a great fuss of it.

15 Aug, 2016


You may find it only has one central woody trunk, Hank, in which case, don't try digging up some roots.If you're lucky, though, you might find one of the long shoots, if its on the ground, has started to root into the ground, and that can be dug up and moved, after severing from the mother plant.

15 Aug, 2016


Thanks again for that note of caution B, sounds like it's going to be "interestingf" for someone as ham- fisted as me.

15 Aug, 2016

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