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Hi again, more silly questions!
I received some Aquilegia seeds this morning from Oddbillie and wanted to know if it was to late in the year to sow them now?

He very kindly sent me:
Clementine White and Clementine Blue
Black Barlow and Nora Barlow.

Thank you Dan. :~))



I would be sowing now, Ian, in pots. They will be ready for the off next year.

7 Aug, 2010


Thanks BA, do I need keep them under cover i.e. in a greenhouse during the colder weather?

7 Aug, 2010


Any I sow stay outside, Ian.

8 Aug, 2010


Hi BA, as always I'm grateful for your help. I really should read more about gardening eh? Lol

8 Aug, 2010


"I really should read more about gardening "
Why? The plants don't read the same books ;-)))

8 Aug, 2010


Lol BA, :~)))

By the way, what books DO they read?

8 Aug, 2010


'Book of Best Diguises for Weeds'
'How to Die Suddenly'
'Colourful Gardeners for Small Plants'


8 Aug, 2010


LMSO BA, :~)))

8 Aug, 2010

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