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Miffed. I Was stopped walking home by next doors neighbours, (we don't really talk follwing an incident about fence panels a few years back) I was asked if I could come over and cut back my laurel hedge on their side. They said they used to do it but were unable to. I must say I first thought that they wanted me to take down the barrier hedge? Once that misunderstanding was cleared up they made it quite clear that it was now my responsibility. Now I have several neighbours whose garden borders onto mine and if their hedge grows over into my garden I get a bloke once a year to trim it back for me on my side. I am worried as I agreed (why?) to get someone ( who does my hedges) that this will now be a regular thing at my cost? We are not on great terms and I agreed to keep the peace (softie) but am now worried they will expect this to be done on a regular basis. It is a shared boundary and we agreed it is a good barrier hedge. Photo shows hedge from my side. Advice please? :(




If its your hedge and not theirs, I'm sorry to say that morally, it is your responsibility really. I have to contact the neighbours next door to a garden I do for a client twice a year because their blasted Solanum is constantly coming over the 10 foot fence and growing rapidly over everything - and I can't reach high enough to cut it back. They do it, if we ask... but its a right pain...

One of the other gardens I still do, I have to go next door to cut back overhanging shrubs growing in the one I work in which spread over into their front garden, where there's only a low wall. Those people ask my client to get me to do it, they don't expect to have to do it, and complain if its not done, and they're not unfit nor elderly.

17 Aug, 2016


Agree with Bamboo, if this is your hedge it is your responsibility to ensure it remains within your boundaries. If the neighbours aren't fit to cut and dispose of the over hanging branches then you need to - sorry.

17 Aug, 2016


Ok thats all I needed to know, thanks.

17 Aug, 2016

How do I say thanks?

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