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Hi all, I know I have to wait but can I prune a Sorbus Aria Lutescens. Some months ago I asked if anyone could ID a tree I had growing in my front garden. It is growing under the telephone wire and needs cutting back before it interferes with wire. Sorry the photo wasn't very good and it was very overgrown around it. While starting to clear around under it I found a plant label, put it in my pocket to look up later. Well it turns out to be for this tree :-). Any advise on pruning would be gratefully received.

On plant Sorbus Aria Lutescens



This means it is a Whitebeam wanting to grow to around 12 metres in height - suggest it would be easier if you remove altogether as it is going to be almost impossible to keep pruning it back!

17 Aug, 2016


Agree with MG's answer - it'll always be a problem because its just too big to be under a telephone wire. Unfortunate, but wrong plant wrong place...

17 Aug, 2016


Thank you both. Well it looks like it doesn't matter if wait now :-). I was so pleased with myself finding the label in the dirt. Think previous owner was trying to hide pole as it is in the corner of garden. They have also grown ivy up pole but it is now at the top so spent afternoon starting to cut it down. With tree and ivy gone going to have big gap there as there is also countless blackthorn growing around it. Later will have to ask for some suggestions of filling it as the boarder is about 20ft deep. Thanks again

17 Aug, 2016


Openreach do cut trees that are growing into telephone wires with no charge to you though.

17 Aug, 2016


Thank you Sue.I know they used to but my friend down in Kent has ivy growing up her pole and every year open reach used to cut it but last year they didn't and she had to pay for someone to come and do it. She was told by open reach they no longer do it, but I will look into it to see if just an area thing.

18 Aug, 2016


Hard luck - they still do here. Sorry about that.

18 Aug, 2016

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